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Italy Beat Poland to Strengthen Their Claim

Friday, November 27th, 2020


The UEFA Nations League Cup is one of the most prestigious tournaments of European football and Poland has lost all their hopes to reach the finals to Portugal. The Italians have secured their spot at the top of Group A1 by their 2-0 victory. It came very easily as Poland played like a toothless team. Now the story has become that if the Azzurris can beat Bosnia and Herzegovina then their place will be confirmed in the final round of the UEFA Nations League.

Italy had to go through various tough calls as they didn’t get their head coach Roberto Mancini with them during the match. Mancini was detected with COVID-19 infection. They had to play without some other key players on their team. But the major reason for the loss of Poland is that most of their players don’t play in their country and thus they don’t have that much understanding among them. On the other hand, there were more problems with the Italian team but they won because they show more coordination among them.