England’s Under-21 Draw with Poland

Aidy Boothroyd didn’t actually want this result. However, an evening such as this isn’t going to have a long term negative effect on the young players of England’s manager. The final of European Championship in the summer to take place in San Marino and Italy is the bigger picture. This is where England will have to be ruthless when they are in front of the goal as they play against the opponents as tough as Poland if they hope to bring the silverware home.

The early strike of Dominic Calvert Lewin should have a platform to England to proceed and win the game. In this game, they were the side that was most accomplished for a long period. However, they were unable to turn their clean playing approach into the difficult currency of goals. This was ultimately undone by the excellent other end’s set piece.

The exceptionally executed free-kick by Sebastian Szymanski just after the half time mark brought back England into the game just in time. This is when they started playing freely and began enjoying the game. Even though England made a comeback from the setback and kept up with controlling position, Phil Foden had been the center of the best attacks, the pinpoint cross, and the final pass had been missing.

An exceptional lineup had been named by Boothroyd and had many talented players for bringing back into the fold. This might be either in Bournemouth against Germany or in the finals which is to take place in the month of June. Hence, solutions shouldn’t be too difficult to find. This might be the reason the manager of England was not that worried when it came to the score-line.

Boothroyd said that he considered to be satisfying since the game against Germany and Poland was supposed to be more difficult than what they had played before. In the end, their coach said to him thanks for their defense workout.

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