Poland Came Down To 21 Rank In Rankings Of FIFA

Poland football club have come down from the eighteenth position to 21 position in the new football rankings of the World. This is the lowest place of Poland after June 2016. On the top Belgium is there. It has climbed to top ranking of FIFA, and it is top of France, the world champions with narrow difference. In the last edition of the ranking, both France and Belgium were at the number one position. This was the first time that both the teams shared the same position and this is the first time, even for any two teams sharing the same position.

The Brazil is at Number 3, it is above the second positioned team of World Cup that is Croatia. The ranking has been affected because of the poor performance of the Poland’s team consistently. This month the Poland lost to Portugal with the score 2-3 and to Italy as well 0-1. It is the two bitter defeats at home ground at the UEFA Nations League. The Poland went through the pain of facing the early exit in Russia from the World Cup 2018.

Last year, the team ranking raised to number five in the same ranking table, and this was the best result so far for the Polish team after the governing body’s ranking for world football got launched. It was launched in the year 1992. The lowest place of team was 78th, and it was in 2013.

Belgium is the team that has topped the latest FIFA Rankings and it is before France, while England has moved past from Uruguay. In the fresh ranking the Belgium team took sole holding of top position in the recent FIFA official rankings. It has climbed ahead of world champions France and the just with a single point. The two sides were at the first place when ranking was checked last time. The England team on the other hand moved into the top five positive bypassing Uruguay. Brazil is at third and above Croatia.

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