Poland on the brink of qualification

Poland is currently on the brink of qualification and currently top their qualifying tables.

Indeed Poland who are found in the same group as Montenegro, Denmark, Romania, Armenia and Kazakhstan. Poland is currently top of the group with 19 points followed by Montenegro on 16 points.

Poland has been an exciting team to watch during the qualification and there are no doubts that they will be present at the finals.

Indeed they have been able to count on a great striker such as Robert Lewandowski to help them in the tough games against Denmark and Montenegro.

Polish fans are already preparing themselves to be part of the Russian World Cup but Robert Lewandowski have recently warned them that things will not be easy at the finals. He said that they will be facing some tough opponents there and it is important that they remain focus on their objectives.

Robert Lewandowski said that it will be a great achievement for the national team to get out of a tough qualifying group and it is natural for the fans to be expecting for more. He said that Poland has a good team and that the players will have to manage pressure.

He said that it is natural for fans to have expectations but it is important for the players to manage this pressure. Robert Lewandowski said that there is still time for the World Cup and that there are a lot of things that can arrive until then.

He said that it is not always the best teams that perform at the World Cup but the teams that are physically ready. He said that the World Cup happen at the end of the season and it is important to assess the fitness level of the players at that time.

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