Poland vs. Costa Rica World Cup 2006 Amazing Chants!

Poland Soccer Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Poland vs. Costa Rica World Cup 2006 Amazing Chants!”

  1. ArsenalLasagneChef says:

    Fire Fire Fire Fire…..Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo….Fire Fire Fire Fire!

  2. killahchicken says:

    lol ya proud to polish

  3. midmapper says:

    oooohhhh i just love you shallow sarcasim…i bet you’re english…

  4. yiaai says:

    You can only dream about blue-eyed, blond hair, white skin typical polish
    girl, wit her talent to fuck… and love…

  5. roflghetti45 says:

    That’s crazy. Only two guys got everyone going.

  6. MAKUS1906JP says:


  7. Alicja Kiezun says:

    That really made my day man. But then again reading youtube posts are so
    worthless 🙂

  8. deathcultofmo says:

    I am sure you mean to say Central European.

  9. kara11221 says:

    LOL xD

  10. franc821 says:

    ten filmik kręcił jakiś spity chuj!!!!!

  11. Matt K says:

    Polska inventor of troololololol lmfao

  12. onlypolonia1920 says:

    tylko bez błędow chłopcze się postaraj, pozdro!

  13. Illest Facts says:

    @mattep1ao kill yourself fool

  14. KaonaChan says:

    JP w Twoim nicku oznacza “Jestem Pedałem” czy może “Jezus Panem”? Stawiam
    na to pierwsze…

  15. Illest Facts says:

    @thomasbklyn yes, because you have no dick, so they lay there thinking, wtf
    ima do? this guys dickless

  16. ArtGaul says:

    Yeah Lwow should be Poland and UPA be held accountable for the Volyhnia

  17. staszekalkatraz says:

    the song name is “abski mother theme”

  18. SoccerBalbus says:


  19. aseesee says:

    Is this some eastern european cheer song?

  20. sondano says:

    humans = sheep

  21. forsberg2121 says:

    Hahahah, smieszne! Ja dobrze sie posmialem jak ja przeczytalem to, LOL.
    Przepraszam za niedobre pisanie po Polsku. English is my first language.

  22. abski4 says:

    what song is that they are cheering? or supposed to be??

  23. TheSubbanator says:

    wats this chant called

  24. jose0020 says:

    That’s why this is the best tournament in the world.

  25. 11111k11111 says:

    what are they saying??