Warsaw Violence , Riot in Poland after the Euro 2012 Game

Poland Football Online video Score: 2 / five

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6 Responses to “Warsaw Violence , Riot in Poland after the Euro 2012 Game”

  1. UCHERKA says:

    But no one dead !!!!!!!!!

  2. TheDrapiszka says:


  3. osmanitho says:

    Man You should see real films from that happen before You write somenthing….not these from russian tv or cnn but these from polish TV. Elo!

  4. VladS2009 says:

    The whole Europe saw how so called “supporters” of Poland act. Sneaking up to a Russian and beating him (hope not her). Beating of cause is behind not face to face.
    Man, there are some rules among fans groups. Yes, they fight each other. They fix the date, the place, quantity of members (of cause equal) and of cause without any weapons (knives, knuckle-duster, broken bottles and so on). What happened in Poland – when usual Russian supporters were attacked by crazy bullies – is outrages.

  5. osmanitho says:

    Oh it’s CNN…..sorry

  6. osmanitho says:

    Did YOU forget about Russian hools You IDIOT??? Fuckin Trator !!!