FIFA World Cup 1982 Semifinal – Italy vs Poland ( 2nd Half )

Poland Football Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “FIFA World Cup 1982 Semifinal – Italy vs Poland ( 2nd Half )”

  1. eNSquadTV says:

    przede wszystkim w tym meczu bledna decyzja Antoniego Piechniczka który zamiaszt wystawic niezawodnego Andrzeja Szarmacha wystawil Pałasza a Szarmach swoja niezawodnosc potwierdzil pózniej w meczu o trzecie miejsce z francja zdobywajac jedna ze zwycieskich bramek byla to piekna bramka a zarazem stanowila uwienczenie jego pieknej kariery

  2. archiegemmill1 says:

    Boniek as great as he was, would not have made a difference. Italy was destined to win their third trophy. Antonio

  3. iMicro PL says:

    this Poland team play for nationality, for heart now poland team play for money.

  4. tytvan says:

    Boniek couldn’t play in this game because of his suspension due to two yellow cards. He was a key attacking player for Poland… a big loss to the team for not having him.

    PS. Rest in peace Smolarek, March 7, 2012

  5. mamunism says:

    Italy was not a strong team in the match vs cameron , poland and peru

  6. truvianni says:

    Conti”s pass on the second goal was great

  7. truvianni says:

    @jzivi19 moze byc, jest mozliwe

  8. truvianni says:

    Antognoni was injured in this match and missed the final

  9. ohjehro says:

    He didn’t play in this match, because he had too many yellow cards

  10. asmodeus585 says:

    @jordan256138: Yeah, especially at politics…

  11. VotanteSerio says:

    Rumours say that Boniek didn’t want to play against Italya because he had recently been hired by Juventus. Too bad, right? 🙁

  12. alex kanyima says:

    i don’t see zbigniew boniek

  13. UEQBK says:

    Soccer is sport as the others…it must link cultures…not divide…

  14. MrRoma753 says:


    You’re the one “crying and whining” because Italy won 4 world cups?
    Forget the envy and jealousy….

  15. navaidstech says:

    Ya, that’s right. Not bad for a team famous for diving, crying, whining, bitching and complaining.

  16. PingaloBill says:

    Everybody’s whining here. Italy deserved it, Poland not. Period.

  17. jochavez81 says:

    giuseppe bergomi was one of the best defenders of all time!

  18. XxXloukasXxX says:

    mnie na swiecie nie bylo :D

  19. XxXloukasXxX says:

    ani 1 gracz nie byl w Wisle :S… istniala wtedy wisla?

  20. DelPieroDP says:

    i dont have 2 shut up do u know how 2 count stars on jerseys…well how many does italy have? and how many does poland have….keep in mind 3rd place doesnt get u anywhere!…suck on that dick fag!

  21. Apenid says:

    to były wielkie czasy polskiej piłki,miałem wtedy 12lat.

  22. legia97 says:

    you lost the last game with us so shut up

  23. legia97 says:

    please stop bullshiting

  24. ketrab604 says:

    Typical arogant Italian… Watch the video and notie hom many times italian players lie on the grass and call for foul. Cheating coach doesn’t mean you’re the best..

  25. jordan256138 says:

    italians smash alll!!!!!!!!! italians are the best at everything