Freestyle Football Euro 2012 – Lukasz “Luki” Chwieduk (POLAND)

Poland Football Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Freestyle Football Euro 2012 – Lukasz “Luki” Chwieduk (POLAND)”

  1. Jereminho Freestyle says:

    like srsly, wtf?!?!?!?!

  2. Spencer Owen says:

    Love the fact your name is basically Luke Chadwick haha!

  3. lfcrekindled says:


  4. raMik Muzik says:

    omg! Luki

  5. Peter Smirnov says:

    It is the best freestyle I ever seen…

  6. AlexUA80 says:


  7. LFD51 says:

    awesone guy ! =P

  8. KubaKokot9 says:

    awesome guy

  9. Dawid Błażewicz says:

    Ludzie Kurwa to sa 2min ciaglego filmu kurwa!!! zeby chociaz cos ciaglego
    robic 2 min to szacunek a ten tak dojebał. Mistrzostwo ^^ Łukasz dziekuje 😉

  10. MrHUM4NTANK says:

    cool ur amazing im gunno try this soon? :Dx

  11. Assz Azxd says:

    U DONT SAY……

  12. dsafsdfasfaf says:

    hm, not bad

  13. XLStyle123 says:

    I love this routine, it’s so amazing!

  14. Tony Evans says:

    Great vid

  15. Guillermo MemoCancun Aquino says:


  16. spilios rodopoylos says:


  17. Sergiu Cotofan says:

    Wow! Astonishing skills and control! Luki showed his best! 😀 Great work!
    He must definitely be one of the 16! And this vid goes directly to my
    favorites! ^^

  18. FriStileren says:

    this is called a psycho.

  19. 5yenthanh82 says:

    He is Monalisa !

  20. fishus101 says:

    subbed,great job!!!

  21. KazuyaBrian says:

    yabaiiii!! very nice move,my bro! message from Japan .

  22. dada3style says:


  23. zero00tolerance says:

    amazing ! hope u do well

  24. Minh thanh Ho says:

    thanks for the information.

  25. chrisetvanille says:

    Il se balade franchement jarriverai meme pa faire sa mai vraiment je lui
    dit bravo commeme il a bien exellents serieu je sui epater