Freestyle Football Euro 2012 – Szymon Skalski (POLAND)

Poland Soccer Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Freestyle Football Euro 2012 – Szymon Skalski (POLAND)”

  1. Osvaldas Povilaitis says:

    You can shave at least at video man :d

  2. Osvaldas Povilaitis says:

    @SzymoFree I know man i’am jsut kidding :d

  3. Thiago Simões says:

    Upper and Sit spectacular ! *–*

  4. Wywlik says:

    4 osoby zazdroszczą mu umiejętności !

  5. schmegel47 says:

    D-HTW trick please do it yourself

  6. Евгений Плужников says:

    For me SZYMO the BEST!!!

  7. Rafał G says:

    BESTIA . > propsy .

  8. Szymon Skalski says:

    @queench Man, this is my image and I don’t care that someone complains. Be
    yourself. yo

  9. BaruzdinZhenya says:

    my favourite freestyler)

  10. Khang Nguyen says:

    He looked so serious in the beginning :)) Szymo the monster 😡

  11. Sergiu Cotofan says:

    Amazing stuff! The level of tricks and the way he moves…he is definitely
    not a human, not from this planet…

  12. Martin Alvear says:


  13. AdoniasFreestyler says:

    my inspiration <3

  14. Patrik Alexits says:

    wow man you are fucking insane! hope to see you in prague again!

  15. gamey freestyler says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow very nice
    freestyle man 😉

  16. Jereminho Freestyle says:

    my favorite freestyler. nuff said -3

  17. Raúl Fs says:

    awesome szymo, legend n.n greetings :B

  18. Kimarley Julal says:

    Brilliant !!!

  19. Nikola Djota Milosevic says:

    The best video so far! Just sick! :O

  20. Devon2000100 says:

    that’s why he won at prague he’s just so all rounded like he’s not as good
    as Skora in lowers but all round he has world class sitdowns, uppers, and

  21. MattifFS says:

    kocham Twojego uppera, mało go coś tu :(<3 akcje wyborne ogólnie Szymku,
    chciałbym wiecej Twoich filmów szefie !

  22. Piot Dąbrowski says:

    brak mi słów.;)

  23. XLStyle123 says:

    It’s cool that Szymo is in worldclass in allround and hardcore 😀 Sick
    routine, hope he go through 😉

  24. Brian Johansen says:

    Szymo = Best freestyler in the world! 😉

  25. Nikolai Ranch says:

    this control in uppers is crazy!