Heavy RAIN Postpone England Vs Poland World Cup 2014 Qualifying 16.10.2012

Poland Soccer Video Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Heavy RAIN Postpone England Vs Poland World Cup 2014 Qualifying 16.10.2012”

  1. Pawelluss says:

    How! You can read?! My znamy angielski a ty debilu nie. Podejrzewam, że
    jesteś z Anglii. Ha ha, najlepsze jest to, że my wiemy co ty do nas gadasz,
    a ty nie masz pojęcia co my do ciebie. Jakby nie Polacy, nie byłoby tego
    Świata! Kto obronił Anglię przed Niemcami w 40 roku? A kto się potem dupą
    odwrócił od Polaków? Kto wymyślił lampę naftową? Kto obronił Europę przed
    Turkami, a kilkaset lat później przed sowietami?Anglicy?!Niemcy? Nie!
    Zawsze Polacy musieli robić najwięcej i nic za to nie mieli!

  2. mizar1212 says:

    decision is made by delegate fifa moron

  3. hiline2009 says:

    yes, the beauties might get wet

  4. Namee Surenamee says:

    lol poland will kick ass in field and took a ball for ever…

  5. takleway says:

    IT was down to Poland and the stadium crew to decide weather the roof would
    be shut or not. England wasn’t even asked about the roof…

  6. Liam coyne says:

    if thats the case whats the fucking point in having a closeable roof u

  7. Smokey Joe says:

    They should have just played in those conditions because the game might
    actually be worth watching then.

  8. BoMy01 says:

    the roof had to be closed 3 hours before the match you absolute moron

  9. aidan tonge says:

    Oh and btw its not our fault the people that have built the stadium
    (ENGLISHMEN) made it IMPOSSIBLE to interact with the roof when it rains

  10. Raptor Jesus says:

    should have carried on, lets see those beauty queen’s dive now!

  11. aidan tonge says:

    Oook if Poland wins i will spam your acount for the rest of your life you
    fucking ignorant piece of shit

  12. Julie Beaumon says:

    Polskaa : 3

  13. MagdaaSnm says:

    Both teams didnt want the roof to be closed so shut up!

  14. Fitzthistlewits says:


  15. Chris K says:

    The referee is a comedian.

  16. macphersonleedsunite says:

    Dozy Polish cunts not checking the weather forecast for a possibility of
    rain and not closing the roof. Good thing their FA said that they would be
    giving refunds to all the England supporters who went. Now when they come
    to Wembley we will show them Polish dicks that we can be better organised
    than they can. We can even make the choice of wether or not to abandon the
    game an have it at another date after having what is know to us but not to
    Polish FA called a pitch inspection.

  17. Anonymous says:

    P0LAND didn’t win AHA Aidan what country you support mate?aye and LoL near
    one year since this disgrace happened.

  18. thira001 says:

    Dobrze że chłopaki uśmiechnięci …

  19. Anonymous says:

    True story man. We even allocated 18,000 tickets to them Poles!

  20. Krzysztof Mazur says:

    Już kurwa wszyscy wiedzą. Eh… no to jest kurwa polska :/

  21. Jam Jar says:

    Dumb man- close the roof

  22. Ielysey says:

    А вот ДонбасАренга все выдержала !

  23. vastland666 says:

    close your mouth angielska kurwo

  24. moodyalmoody says:

    they should play indoor

  25. grzechu1805 says:

    wstyd na cały świat…