Hooligans Untold Story – Panorama Special Germany 2006 [World Cup]

Poland Soccer Online video Score: 4 / five

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24 Responses to “Hooligans Untold Story – Panorama Special Germany 2006 [World Cup]”

  1. emp567 says:

    Irish killing english soldiers? Guess they forgot about ´´Bloody Sunday´´…

  2. feracat07 says:

    close the pubs and nightclubs. Stop putting big tv screens in the centre of towns. And if the worse comes to the worse shoot the bastards

  3. feracat07 says:


  4. tb133882 says:

    hmm if the police shoot one or two of the holligans i bet the others would think twise about throwing bottles =P

  5. jebiga0111 says:

    england pussys torcida split

  6. hatinae says:

    football fans are truly vile

  7. shark5981 says:

    hahah hooligans are fairly new in Poland? they start this shit in like 1912.. there is a reason Poland have the best hooligans in the world.

  8. shark5981 says:

    this is normal in Europe, thousand years of bad blood. You cant forget that.

  9. Jonesdiain says:

    I’m sure they reported fuck all when this tournament was on back in 2006.. Looks like it went off big time. The press seem fixated these days on playing it down..

  10. JustToyz says:

    i agree, what about Munich 2001..

  11. leonardjohnny67 says:

    bunch of fat shithouses, bullies and cowards who 99% can’t fight their way out of a paper bag, fucking national disgrace

  12. leonardjohnny67 says:

    lying scouse cunt, there was no RAF in the first world war, therefore no such rank as wing commander. I doubt very much that thick mickey fucks family have anyone serving as an officer anywhere. I imagine his grandad was too busy robbing and dogging any service, stupid scouse fuck

  13. MrBarney892 says:

    They use knive’s nothing tough in that.

  14. tomzablee says:

    They aspire to be like the English, it’s quite cute really

  15. AGale1993 says:

    soft cunts?! are you sure? they’re fucking animals

  16. RedStarsInc says:

    They’ve calmed down a lot over the years. Mainly due to the police stopping loads of known hooligans from travelling abroad during matches and tournaments. The last big tournament i remember being really bad was France 98… when they played in Marseille against Tunisia. After France 98 there was sporadic fighting here and there but as far as i know nothing major.

  17. iissofluffy1 says:

    I was caught up in an “England match” while on holiday 10 years ago, being only 17 at the time I was horrified and scared for my life; And I’m from Belfast, we’ve had a lot of problems lol. I seen first hand the pack mentality, as soon as they heard my voice they turned on me, started shouting about Irish killing English soldiers!! No one would listen when I was saying I’m British, they just wanted blood, too drunk to hear or care that they were gona attack one of their own.

  18. tomzablee says:

    hahhaa oh dear. Any trouble, and English lads will fuck up the lot of the soft cunts

  19. odarwazeh says:

    The fact that the guy said his life ambition is to slice a Muslims head off, is shameful. You’re in Germany, you’ve been slagging them off for being Nazis. You’re one yourself!

  20. Punisher3545 says:

    Yeah we would.

  21. Xtacy7777 says:

    only if turks were there they will teach english hooligans a lesson

  22. thebig321 says:

    Yeah, i know but you should try and get new eps? And is there any chance you could try and get all the eps of “Danny Dyers Deadliest Men” ????

  23. RedStarsInc says:

    If you mean the “Football Rivelries” series check out my Channel, i’ve got 7 episodes.
    Here’s the link…. /playlist?list=PLCA8FB1EBEB67DB17&feature=view_all

  24. thebig321 says:

    What happend to “Football Rivals” series i miss it 🙁