9 thoughts on “Italy vs Poland – World Cup 1982 1st round

  1. That’s an outstanding Italian line-up but I can’t believe they almost
    didn’t qualify from their group.

  2. this selection played a great world cup 1978 , euro 1980 , and champion
    1982 , in my opinion the best italian team …

  3. I think, in 1982 Deyna wasn’t a member of polish national team. He had
    finished his career in national team after 78′ championships in Argentina.
    Unluckily, he didn’t score the important penalty against Argentina in ’78,
    although in common opinion, he was the best player in history of polish
    football, and one of most creative players in the world at that time. Died
    in car accident in 1989 r. R.I.P. Kazimierz Deyna.

  4. theres no denying italy were a strong team but brazil gave them a helping
    hand.. italy were good in 1978 but poor at euro 1980 and didnt qualify for
    euro 84.. italy 82 are both underrated and overrated

  5. @expedition16 well also Poland almost didn’t pass, but they arrive at
    semi-final. Who knwows, if Camerun made it, they could have won the

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