Poland’s Hot Girls & Hot Stadium: KICKTV Euro Trip 2012 – Ep 1

Poland Soccer Video Rating: four / five

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24 Responses to “Poland’s Hot Girls & Hot Stadium: KICKTV Euro Trip 2012 – Ep 1”

  1. damian nartowicz says:

    gdzie mieszkasz

  2. Cuerdas229 says:

    shit ! i didnt knew that ayou were here 🙁

  3. Luke solt says:

    I love polanddddd

  4. TheGPNB says:

    Lucky!!!! I wish I had been there!

  5. louis turner says:

    im not wrong dicksplash. england’s full find some place else.

  6. sylwia em says:

    I’m Polish girl !:D

  7. sylwia em says:

    oh yeah :d

  8. Annii Winter says:

    yeah, they are all in England!
    I cant believe how stupid is this comment!

  9. difiuuuuuzz says:

    Where’s the girls?

  10. DarinaB Russia says:

    choose the best euro girl at eroticaeuro2012com 😉

  11. MrAnetak says:

    To get the full story of what was happening during Euro 2012 –Real Polish football fans- now let’s party

  12. Schurtburg says:

    I wanna punch him

  13. louis turner says:

    where are all the polish girls…?
    easy anwser their all in england.
    but i’m not complaining.

  14. erikchicom says:


  15. Swietokrzyski says:

    In recent time, some Western countries released very unfair, biased and false materials about the host countries. Polish society is very friendly and hospitable, and everyone is welcomed here. Just come to Poland to experience it or watch Jimmy’s videos!

  16. JizzTasticGoals says:

    Why send an American to the Euros. EUROs.

  17. Doku1986 says:

    1 dislike I quess that guy didnt meet polish girl

  18. Kefirro87 says:

    dj hazel i love poland 😉

  19. Milan397 says:

    Nice :)

  20. CathroDillon says:

    My right ear loved the song.

  21. fwboiz says:

    wow u brought so little,

  22. vrcarranza says:

    You are a Huuuuunk! Love Cousin Victoria (that’s my Jimmy!)

  23. AppReviewa says:

    Have fun Jimmy – look forward to the coverage!

  24. R10Swag says:

    Ur the luckiest guy in the world besides those amazing footballers who get to play I. The tournament. I hope i get to play on a stage as big as this one day. PS: Life must suck for u Ryan.