Roy Hodgson names 23 man England squad for Euro 2012 Poland & Ukraine | FATV

Poland Football Online video Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Roy Hodgson names 23 man England squad for Euro 2012 Poland & Ukraine | FATV”

  1. harry Dodds says:

    lennon not downing

  2. tayto1932 says:

    or even lennon

  3. GreekGooner22 says:

    Lol, Nope I’m an Arsenal fan through & through but I have to say, Johnson’s
    had his time, lacks aggression, fight and spirit for me, ; on the other
    hand, Richards can attack and score as well as he can defend. Carroll for
    me is a disappointment but we’ll have to wait for the Euros to see him. And
    haha Downing = Pure shit.

  4. Rex67Diego9 says:

    “ahh right Gerrard doesn’t deserve to be captain even when he was the only
    one that did something in last worldcup he is a top scorer in worldcups
    being a midfieler but no he doesn’t deserve it” “lets put animal Terry as
    captain when he can’t control himself of kicking after being down on the
    score or Parker a guy thats not even a starting eleven on his team” as for
    Carrol he was unplayable in the last matches of the season Johnson is a
    beast as a right back no one else is for that position

  5. Marshall Mathers says:

    @4:17 Roy explaines his choice for Oxlade Chamberlain ”When Arsenal played
    Milan at The Emirates Stadium and i was there live and saw how well he
    dealt with Pirlo and Ambrosini in the centre of midfield” NEITHER OF THESE

  6. Honnesh1MD7595 says:

    heskey wasn’t allowed to represent england as it would be unfair for the
    other countrie so they told him he has to represent himself in one team
    team to give the other countries any hope of not getting raped

  7. catacu5 says:

    do you research

  8. classicdinner says:


  9. Matty6660 says:

    1-1 couldn’t ask for more than that against the French.

  10. Nadeem Qureshi says:

    you’ve got to be shitting me……pirlo has made 37 apps for juve this
    season and ambrosini was injured

  11. Boas Santos says:

    Oh I see. Then that’s Hodgson problem. Why not Rio? He was England captain
    once, and in good form now.

  12. 19Wylds95 says:

    thats cos gary neville was the one who wanted him in. Personally i think
    its worth bringing the ox

  13. Ciaran Smith says:

    no. my problem is that you seem to think you are clever despite speaking
    complete gibberish. “detached superattack”? what the fuck does that mean?

  14. Rex67Diego9 says:

    downing is the only one he shouldn’t have called that guy doesn’t deserve
    to be in liverpool

  15. Crayzea Steve says:

    no one should really care if you’re muslim or not. a fan is a fan 🙂

  16. grpow92 says:

    I agree that Downing has been a poor goalscorer but it’s not really his
    fault he hasn’t got any assists. He’s created about 55 chances this season
    no one managed to convert them. How is it his fault? Henderson’s been poor
    because he’s been played out of position the whole season. Carrick hasn’t
    been as good as Barry this season which is why he wasn’t picked above
    Barry. Get behind the manager and the team. That’s the only way we have a
    chance of achieving something

  17. Boas Santos says:

    WTF Downing is included.

  18. Maciej Debinski says:


  19. birdandthe says:

    crouchy is the most underused and underated england striker ever . part
    time derby fan.

  20. Edward Green says:

    why can’t Young? young is actually technicaly really good, he’d be chosen
    for SPain

  21. MrConnolly25 says:

    His form this season has been shit minus the cup runs Gerrard is probably
    Englands best player but Lampard & Gerrard are proven failures in the same
    team.Parker hasn’t been amazing Carrick out played him when Spurs played
    United.Your a typical argue anything about Manchester United fan dont tell
    me anything about supporting England when your talking absolute shit!
    Carrick has easily been 1 of the best 11 English players this season &
    easily good eough to start.Take ya fucking Liverpool specs off

  22. birdandthe says:

    apart from lescotts header not ONE shot on target

  23. Ciaran Smith says:

    we’re getting nowhere here… you are incapable of the simple process of

  24. Matty6660 says:

    England are looking good this year. They’ve won 4 out of the last 5
    internaltional frendlies – including Spain the current world champions.

  25. irishdan2007 says:

    lol so am i and i wouldnt picked them