25 thoughts on “Spain – Ireland Irish Fans singing The Fields Of Athenry Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine in Full HD

  1. Goals: Ireland 0, Spain 4, Emotions: Ireland 100, Spain 0 Best support in
    the world

  2. I loved when they played Italy and our anthem was on, there were about 6000
    irish fans trying to sing along lol all I heard was
    “Italia……Italia…….Italia….” it was awesome lol definitely the
    best travelling support

  3. I (German) saw the game live on TV and were so impressed. Greatest fans in
    the world!!!

  4. some of the Irish fans had Celtic tops on and some fans had Tri colour’s
    with Che on it.

  5. I think they mostly sung the chorus: Low lie the fields of athenry, where
    once we watched the small free birds fly, our love was on the wings, we had
    dreams and songs to sing, it’s so lonely ’round the fields of athenry.
    google the entire song, its amazing

  6. maaan, i was high as f..k watching it in tv in Poland and it was definetly
    unforgettable, much respect!

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