UEFA Euro 2012 Poland vs Greece Gameplay Match Prediction!

Poland Soccer Video clip Ranking: 2 / 5

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25 Responses to “UEFA Euro 2012 Poland vs Greece Gameplay Match Prediction!”

  1. Ciaran Smith says:

    how did greece cheat? Szczęsny brought down a player who was clean through
    without touching the ball… they should have had another penalty just
    before half-time, and they had a fine goal disallowed…. Uefa fixed that
    one for sure… no coincidence that so many decisions went in the host’s

  2. boris jones says:

    duuuude, croatia is waaaaay betttttter than grease, dont flatter yourself

  3. khalil shahwan says:

    is this pes 2012? or fifa 12

  4. JIM MAC says:

    Next time, don’t upload stuffs that sucks like that one. “Your video sucks.”

  5. Ciaran Smith says:

    you said and I QUOTE “greece cheated for a penalty” what did I misread?
    twat? maybe you’re just too much of an idiot to remember what you type?

  6. prasetya wash says:


  7. GreeceFPS says:

    fifa 12 the euro 2012 dlc

  8. George Stathopoulos says:

    Both Poland and Greece are horrible teams. Sorry mate.

  9. ZarkandTV says:

    6:40 NOOOOOOB !!!!

  10. makhdoom34 says:

    can’t wait..!

  11. boris jones says:

    i will zip you saucesauce make sauce out your delicate greek ass, greereks
    are delicate

  12. TheSpammerTroll says:

    Good start BCG, keep the rest of these coming slowly but regularly. Dont
    rush them as there still a while to go. Why not up the difficulty a little
    more instead of having to score own goals? 😛

  13. Amir Ibrahim says:

    blah blah blah poland are just like south korea

  14. TheMegaDVG says:

    Polska 😉

  15. MrThebreakdancer says:

    at least we passed the group YOU ATE MY DICK

  16. polishpower69 says:

    GO POLAND!!!!

  17. sipoway says:

    Wow…terrible referee….the two yellows to sokratis was bull…greece
    cheated for a penalty…..but poland is clearly the better team….just a
    shame about the referee.

  18. agdaman4life says:

    Poland has beaten Greece the last eight times they played each other….

  19. elemental12345678900 says:

    wow you got all of these wrong so far

  20. Amir Ibrahim says:

    but when this happen to barca everyone says their cheaters

  21. UefaEuroCup HD says:

    Real Highlights! /watch?v=Abqlf5OcZSE

  22. sipoway says:

    It was just a terrible referee….If you have some kind of conspiracy
    theory…..well that’s your ptoblem

  23. HighlightsEuro2O12 says:


  24. simondk741 says:

    You are sooo bad…

  25. sipoway says:

    Another moron who can’t read…..