UEFA Euro 2012 Poland vs Russia Gameplay Match Prediction!

Poland Soccer Online video Ranking: 1 / 5

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25 Responses to “UEFA Euro 2012 Poland vs Russia Gameplay Match Prediction!”

  1. Weronika Czaja says:

    haha im polish myself so don’t insult poland (just a warning) or ill beat you up (that sounded weird) anyway, lol poland scores a goal=they react like they won the olympics! -.-

  2. TheDarkLegend15 says:


  3. MrPointyHead77 says:

    no its not you dickhead

  4. Mrs11yanina says:

    In this case, yes)

  5. TheDarkLegend15 says:

    so you agree that Russians won 🙂

  6. SuperKriszo says:

    Polska była piękna! Tak trzymać! Jest zakorzenienia dla Ciebie, aby dostać się na grupie! Pozdrowienia z Węgier! (The językowe nieścisłości przepraszam .. I nie mówi językiem bardzo dobrze!) 🙂

  7. Mrs11yanina says:

    I think Russians won over all the world because they have rich Siberia now only for themselfes, that is why they live now so much better than all other ex USSR republics, and it is developping very fast.

    , Russia is doing great now economically, it has a big potential, this is the most important) and games their are just games)

  8. TheDarkLegend15 says:

    Russian’s are way better!

  9. TheDarkLegend15 says:


  10. TheDarkLegend15 says:

    russian’s rule!

  11. TheDarkLegend15 says:

    bro the russian’s won even though it was 1-1 poland cheated and the referee was on the poland’s side!

  12. Nikki Maz says:


  13. Nikki Maz says:

    Lol it said the russian started it and the fans were the one that wernt alowed in the stadium 😛

  14. Nikki Maz says:

    Actually they said Russia started it -.-

  15. Nikki Maz says:

    Btw it was the fans that wernt in the stadium ;]]

  16. Mrs11yanina says:

    It was a nice game! Russians and Polish fans stop to fight!!!! It is silly

  17. feltum says:

    The vast majority of the crowd at this game had to catch a flight “home” to Britain after the final whistle! Fuckin rats!

  18. PolskaProdigy says:

    My Nation makes me very proud!

  19. divgbg32964 says:


  20. MrThirstysuperior says:

    nice 1-1 go russia go poland go ukraine its your time respect from poland

  21. GunnerBoyz514 says:

    holy shit u were right with the outcome lol

  22. pawel9090pl says:

    proud of Poland really hoping they work on their passing and play a little more aggressive but when they do attack its scary for the other team.

  23. sovietmotherrussia says:

    lol 1-1 :D

  24. LtLegit1567 says:


  25. oleHABSole says:

    Poland looks very good when they’re aggressive. Russia had 4 goals against Czech’s and only 3 shots on net against Poland, based on stats Poland will beat Czech’s 🙂 good luck from Canada.