Brutal Poland Hooligans fight with Russian Fans – EURO 2012 12.06.2012 (Polen vs. Russia)

Poland Soccer Video clip Score: 3 / 5

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24 Responses to “Brutal Poland Hooligans fight with Russian Fans – EURO 2012 12.06.2012 (Polen vs. Russia)”

  1. MosVegas FromMoscow says:


  2. Ado maco says:

    that makes you gay bro

  3. Jezus Chrystus says:

    Fuck your islam ass

  4. MrMuhammadPig says:

    stupid slavs

  5. Mikhail Bushkov says:

    HAHAHA Idiots. Hools vs hools?Dont make me laugh.Hools vs beerdrinkers. There was about 20 real hools from Russia and over 200 polish. And you proud of this fights? Lets try kick babies in sandbox. And shout out Poland :)))

  6. cisu777 says:

    Russian punk and Jewish louse is what should disappear from the earth.

  7. cisu777 says:

    Ruski śmieć i żydowska wesz to jest to co powinno zniknąć z ziemi.

  8. max pow says:

    hahah poland pussy you suffer from russians trough history and you will keep suffer

  9. Archyski says:

    Everybody saw those fights coming. The relationship with Russia is full of bad energy, and yet the russian fans took their walk of pride through the streets . If they provoked, they deserved it. But I rather drink a beer with a russian fan instead of beating him, if he just came to see the game.

    Niech żyje Polska !

  10. jake831000 says:

    0:26 what a nob head that guy is. just running up to a random fan and hitting him for no reason

  11. NibblerTV says:

    Are u from russia? 😀 Ouh okay hahahahahahahahahahhaha

  12. Juan Quintero says:

    untrue?dafuq u ttalking about u fucking cunt… poland is a country full of racists… it was the first and the last time i went to that shit country because is full of fucking racist cunts

  13. Angelique Gustavsson says:

    Pussia get the fuck out from Europe!!!
    russians kurwy jebane.

  14. maczomajk wiera says:

    Look Poland is very poor country so it is not attractive for black and arabs, besides polish language is very difficult for them and polish people are consider as aggressive racists, which is untrue

  15. MrOL1973 says:

    you gave up their independence Brussels. Solution make you decided in Brussels and Berlin. As he says do. So you have to get the stupid lazy blacks and dirty Arabs. And will feed them.

  16. maczomajk wiera says:

    Are you drunk Sasha?:) Blacks dont come to Poland cause we dont have social care:) I saw some chinese students in Warsaw but blacks….no way:)

  17. MrOL1973 says:

    you stupid monkey. Your streets are filled with blacks and arabmi, and you fagot. You’re a miserable jerk, full complex is a fool.stay at home and a coward. Poland sucks, fucking hole.

  18. kshinji says:

    all of you idiots are worth one another. and you can’t speak english, it’s embarassing to read that. if it was up to me, i’d get all of you idiots locked up and beaten every day, russians and poles alike.

  19. regedemundo says:

    Mrol1973 yeah yeah did I mast remain you wen Poland beat Russia in history ups I forgot you just stupid prick with big mouth and stinky crack no body don’t come to russia cos we don’t give a fuck all of Russian is mixed with kazakhstan and all shit from the east. Dirty bastards Buhahaha Poland always clean and white )))

  20. regedemundo says:

    This is kids kicking the Russian wankers the polish real hooligans even don’t be border tach that stinky shit ))

  21. MrOL1973 says:

    You’re brave because you live far away, you fucking loser? If I met you, I would have stuffed your face, you fucking scumbag. The Poles attacked a 10 for one. That’s your whole essence – the essence of cowards. The whole history of Poland is a story of defeat and disgrace. You even holidays – celebrating the defeat. Epic losers! Welcome to Russia in 2014 and 2018, fucking pig. we will beat psheks cruel

  22. NibblerTV says:

    butthurt.. 😀 Maybe kids from poland kick you in the ass at school 🙂 😀

  23. paulo122able says:

    buhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….brutal fight?…..buhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….totals girls boxing….gay fight!!…brutal..buhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  24. xXTheJuicyChannelXx says:

    Die Polacken schweine schlagen ja immer von hinten die wixxer
    und haben auch noch heim vorteil