Poland – USA 2007 U-20 World Cup highlights

Poland Soccer Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Poland – USA 2007 U-20 World Cup highlights”

  1. mattc941 says:

    How come Zizzo isnt’ on US national team? I wish these kids developed into quality pros but…. 

  2. PolskiWojownik86 says:

    fuck USA niggers

  3. grandeTO9 says:

    Zizzo was the American Kaka that year

  4. TheEazyDuzIt95 says:

    Why can’t the senior US team play like this? This U20 side is so badass.

  5. wadeownslbjkobe says:

    what happened 2 these guys?

  6. themageduck says:

    why cant poland ever win shit

  7. adidasfutbol95 says:

    I looked for this after reading BigSoccer

  8. Herb615 says:

    Canada for the 2026 FIFA World Cup 😀

  9. Brewers511 says:

    god i love this video. i always come back to it.

  10. nuttyjunior says:

    it was amazing you asshole

  11. adub4ever says:

    why isnt adu playing in the world cup???? i dont see any guys on the senior squad scoring goals like that

  12. TBOxL3GEND4RYx says:

    I was there this game was so fun to watch especially for us the USA fans, good times!

  13. Kafka1479 says:

    yeah danny or zizzo would have been better than davy arnaud as well.

  14. heyyy19 says:

    What a crazy shot by Adu at 1:41.

  15. abkd092 says:

    # 15 play very good , team usa should pick him for WC 2010 …Go to final USA.

  16. mort45954 says:

    Michael plays a different position than Adu or Rogers.

    That being said… this video is proof that Adu always needs to be in the conversation for any national team discusson.

  17. alexman24893 says:

    he is with aris right now, but in fifa you might wanna try in beleneses or monaco

  18. 6430204 says:

    What team is adu now on last i heard it was benfica but he’s not on fifa 10… which makes me think he is now with a loser team.

  19. HamannPlus10 says:

    Whats the commentators name?

  20. SaltonSeaCoolio says:

    The USA’s Future looks bright!

    VIVA USA 2010!

  21. 2deucedempsey says:

    considering we crushed poland, beat uruguay & brazil i always thought we choked vs austria

  22. cdxxy says:

    Man, what happened to Sal Zizzo? I think he should follow Szetelas lead and come back to MLS, and get back in form, cause hes a great young talent.

  23. gosciu555 says:

    The Polish called ups were really bad for this turney. Only a few of those players like Janczyk or Malecki have a chance to play on the national team. The players that did play played in the wrong positions like Cywka, who is not that good anyway. He should have called up Pawlowski, Cwielong, Cetnarski, Glik, Socha, Rzezniczak. Lewandowski should have played beside Janczyk. Then we could’ve compared who’s better but with players like Marciniak and Strugarek starting, what the point?

  24. alexman24893 says:

    yo szetela is half polish, scoring against your parents country, rough.

  25. ka11zoku says:

    u-20 😛 we had to low experienced team
    anyway I’ve enjoyed of watching it in tv …