Psychic fish predicts Poland vs Greece Euro 2012 match result

Poland Football Video Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Psychic fish predicts Poland vs Greece Euro 2012 match result”

  1. NegativeNumbers427 says:

    Keep trying. If you’re making a joke out of the issue, then you’ve pretty much lost yourself.

    If you fail to understand the simplest of tasks, then it is you who is the “retard”.

  2. AlexandrosAgge says:

    Sir?lol ur a total deepshit..omg im laughing my ass off atm..hah what a retard :O

  3. NegativeNumbers427 says:

    You’ve got a lot to learn, Kiddo. We can only help that you grow up one day and become an actual Human being.

    And it’s Sir to you.

  4. NegativeNumbers427 says:

    If you kept up to date with the news and what has been happening over the past 50 years, you’d understand the reference.

    However, you’ve failed to understand what was said due to your ignorance. Try again illiterate.

  5. NegativeNumbers427 says:

    Grow up kid.

  6. NegativeNumbers427 says:

    lol, you’re wrong.

  7. AlexandrosAgge says:

    yo mama thinks the same for u

  8. Neoklaki says:

    lol you must be like 12 years old. Who calls nations “losers” anyway?

  9. romanianfreekickerz says:


  10. Torffvit says:

    The first fish made the right prediction!

  11. MegaBangbang25 says:

    what was that ??? i see u taking it to the next Level u Mong shut up & get a day job u muppet 🙂 yer suck on tht u faggot with ur mw3 picture… bet ur some little twelve year old kid busting for a fuck….ur mom shouting u for ur dinner pussyo go get it, u know tht fat kids loveeeeeeeee cake !!! pussy dnt right shit to me again u cock smoker!

  12. 123sambee321 says:

    Its luck you retard

  13. IamCrazyGreek says:

    ο,τι να’ναι

  14. EW4N454 says:

    Was it 1-1

  15. Fifaman1207 says:

    Polandand Greece draw lolololololololol

  16. AzzHunterbunny says:

    Spoiled the whole opening game for me..

  17. NegativeNumbers427 says:

    Poland or Greece? both losers.

  18. startreking2007 says:

    I predict that i will take a dump in the next 12 hours.

  19. Bdragenman says:

    The real question here is…. Will it blend?

  20. Bdragenman says:

    The real question here is…. Will it blend?

  21. E15Waheed says:

    cool loool!!!

  22. MegaBangbang25 says:

    everybody thinks fish are stupid… i think not now ahaha

  23. PerunaCommando says:


  24. yes4me says:

    But does it taste good?

  25. MiZMinXKAtFaC3 says:

    Cool I can’t wait to see the results!